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3 Essential Features Women’s Activewear Must Have

If you are looking to get the most out of your exercise regime, one factor you must not overlook is getting the right women’s activewear. The right choice of activewear will provide comfort, present your curves in the best light, and aid in burning fat and building healthy muscles. When picking out the perfect activewear set, what factors should you consider? 



Being comfortable while you get through your exercise is really important–you’re already going to be in some discomfort from the pain of exercise, so you probably don’t need any additional discomfort from your clothing.  

 Many women give up on comfort because they just can’t seem to find the perfect clothing that fits well without posing disadvantages such as wicking. At Shape Brazil, our women’s activewear is made from Supplex fabric which fits perfectly and will not inhibit your workouts. 

2. Excellent Wicking Properties 

Sweat is inevitable with exercise but it creates an uncomfortable sensation that is best avoided if you can help it. An additional benefit of Supplex fabric is its excellent wicking property. This simply means that the material absorbs sweat quickly and allows it to evaporate fast so you won’t have to deal with that feeling of being drenched in sweat. 

3.Aesthetic Appeal 

Gym outfits do not have to be boring. Colourful, sexy activewear is a great way to emphasize your unique personality. You might be surprised at how much this may increase your motivation and thereby improve your performance. 


Find the Best Activewear for Women at Shape Brazil 

Shopping for activewear can be frustrating because outfits that tick all of these boxes are not always easy to find. At Shape Brazil, we take away this difficulty. Whether you are looking for leggings, sports bras, or jumpsuits, all of our items are the perfect combination of comfort and aesthetic appeal. Check out our collections now to find beautiful activewear for your next visit to the gym.  

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