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Shape Brazil - Womens Sports Clothing

Achieve comfort and style with our supportive tops!

Here are some tips to ensure that your top not only enhances your workouts, but also provides the support you need:

  1. No Wires, No Discomfort:

Opt for tops without wires to avoid any discomfort during your movements. Our range of tops prioritizes comfort, ensuring that you can move freely without uncomfortable restrictions.

  1. Perfect Fit, Perfect Performance:

Make sure your top isn’t too tight. A comfortable fit is essential to allow a full range of movement. Our tops are carefully sized to ensure the ideal balance between support and comfort.

  1. Correct Size for Full Support:

Choose the correct size to prevent your breasts from escaping through the sides of the top. Our Support Tops are designed to hug your curves, providing total support and a feeling of security during every workout.

Face challenges with confidence and style with our Black & Orange Front Cross Tops. More than just a piece of sportswear, it’s an opportunity to show off your strength and determination. With details such as a wide back opening and cross straps, this top not only offers exceptional support, but also exudes charm and style.

Get ready to elevate your workouts with an explosion of color and a touch of elegance. Because every challenge is an opportunity waiting to be embraced, and our Support Tops are here to support you every step of the way. Be bold, be confident, and achieve unrivaled comfort and style!

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