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    Interview with Fernanda Wain, founder of Shape Brazil

    The Inspiration behind Shape Brazil

    Find out what inspired Fernanda to start her own business and her ambitions for the future, to inspire and support women of all shapes and sizes to feel and look great in the gym.

    Fashionable Gym Wear: The Guide for Adventurous Women

    Fashionable Gym Wear: The Guide for Adventurous Women

    Fashion gym wear is no fad: it is definitely here to stay. We know that you are no longer interested in the standard, boring sweatpants, sports bra, or itchy leggings; they want to be fashionable when exercising at the gym. What is so amazing about the Shape Brazil fitness wear is that isn't limiting; it can be worn when out and about in town as well!​


    This is a staple when it comes to fashionable gym wear. Our leggings are amazing because of the method in which thy are made. It is made from a high-stretch fabric that is great for compression to prevent injuries when working out. But on the fashion side, it hugs all your curves, thus giving you a smooth silhouette.​

    ​Shape Brazil leggings are high waist: the most flattering. They also come in different unique styles and bright colours so you are sure to find a pair that suits you best. We know that some of you tall women always have issues will leggings not being the right length but at Shape Brazil, our tights are engineered to be long enough for you tall Queens!​


    Sports Bra ​​

    Sports bras can be very rigid and uncomfortable after a couple hours of wear. But we have created ones totally different. What sets Shape Brazil's sports bras aside from the rest is the tailoring, engineering and quality. We take into consideration that women have different bodies and thus different fashion gym wear needsl Our sports bras give maximum comfort with maximum support. They are playful, colourful, flexible and very feminine.

    Sports bras aside from the rest is the tailoring, engineering and quality. We take into consideration that women have different bodies and thus, different fashion gym wear needs. Our sports bras give maximum comfort with maximum support. They are playful, colorful, flexible and very feminine.​

    ​Fashion gym wear can be worn on-the-go running errands, parties, pools, etc. It all depends on what you are going for.

    Shape Brazil is here to stay! Browse our site and shop for all your leggings & sports bra needs.​

    Why High Waisted Gym Leggings are the Best

    Why High Waisted Gym Leggings are the Best

    High waisted gym leggings are by far the best workout leggings option for working out. Why, you may ask? Because the stretch and compression of the fabric will give your lower back support. This will in turn improve your posture if you struggle with slouching. 

    Slouching is a problem a lot of us have. A quick tip: always remember to stick your butt out before sitting down, allowing the spine to realign perfectly. 

    At Shape Brazil, we've designed our high waisted gym leggings in such a way that, it smoothens the silhouette. That one characteristic is thanks to the fabric & cut. The fabric is breathable and super comfortable. 

    Sweating while working out is not avoidable. Therefore, all your gym leggings must be breathable. We at Shape Brazil have taken all of your past discomforts with leggings, into consideration. 

    Since the waistline is high and not low, it means that, you don't have to worry about it rolling down: a common leggings issue. Our leggings are longer in the back and angled in the front; making it sit on your waist perfectly without budging. 

    If you're wearing high waisted gym leggings as fashion gym wear, they pair nicely with a crop top.       

    Benefits of high waisted gym leggings

    • They give the legs a slimmer appearance
    • Supports the lower back to aid good posture
    • Very attractive
    • Smoothens the silhouette
    • Very fashionable
    • Prevents muscle cramps
    • Improves blood circulation 

    High waisted gym leggings have to be a part of your every wardrobe for they fit in all of the four seasons of the year. Shape Brazil give you durable and quality gym leggings that will serve for a very long time. Whether you are jogging, running, lifting weights, practising yoga or running errands, these leggings are amazing! 

    Feel free to browse the site and shop on the store for all your leggings & sports bras and have fun shopping for the coming year! 

    How to get the best squat proof leggings for workout | Some tips

    Best Squat Proof Leggings for workout!

    If you've ever been wondering if you could get the best squat proof legging for workout, then please keep reading on.

    Nowadays more and more women buy clothes online through the convenience of buying wherever you want. Furthermore, I am not surprise when you to buy legging online, you get unsure which leggings will suitable for yourself and what kind of quality the leggings are made of. Also, more and more ads come across your social media offering leggings of excellent quality but how do you really know what they say in the ads is true or false!

    Here some TIPS to YOU avoid  wasting YOUR time and  money!

    • Make sure the leggings were made with polyamide and spandex. 
    • If the leggings were manufactured 92% polyester and 8% elastane. Honestly I do not recommend buying because it will disrupt your performance  like squatting exercise. 
    • Read the product description carefully to be sure which fabric was manufactured.
    • Research google reviews.
    • Check on the Brand website for some customer service research for refund policy.     
    • I'm sure you following these little tips will identify the best squat proof legging for your workout.   


    Here are some examples of best squat proof legging from Shape Fitness Brazil