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    Gym Clothes for Women: What You’ll Need for Workouts

    Gym Clothes for Women

    Gym clothes for women are very important because women have more gym clothing needs than men. There are a few things to think about: spillage, support without being constricting, fit over hips snugly, etc.


    There are different styles of sports bras, tops, t-shirts, tights, etc., out there. The key is to buy gym clothes that will transition flawlessly throughout the different seasons of the year.


    For instance, the Para Set is great for those hot summer days: shorts & a bra top. But if you’re arms are feeling chilly, you can switch out the bra top for the Lisboa Long Sleeve Sports Bra for more coverage. One of our jumpsuits is also a great substitute.


    Gym clothes for women must include jumpers as well! Jumpers keep you warm after working especially if you use the gym shower.


    Why does Shape Brazil Stand Out

    Shape Brazil provides gym clothes for women that are comfortable, durable, breathable and of course, high quality. All of our clothes were engineered to fit the female body in such a way that it is both flattering and practical for the gym and other workouts.


    Enjoy browsing our website and feel free to contact us for more information.

    Why You Should Buy Gym Clothes That Make You Feel Confident

    Why You Should Buy Gym Clothes That Make You Feel Confident

    Bet you already know the important role fitness plays on both your physical and psychological health. Now, you might be wondering, “Does it really matter if I buy gym clothes that make me feel confident?”, “Can gym clothes alone actually make me feel more confident?” or “Why spend my hard-earned money on something I’m just going to sweat on?”

    One of the key ingredients to a successful life- be it at work, in school or at the gym- is confidence. Once you believe in your ability to carry out a task, it often feels like the job is half done. Did you know your outfit significantly affects your confidence? This probably explains why you always try to look your best when going for an interview. The same magic will help you smash all your HIIT workouts when you buy gym clothes that are highly functional and fit perfectly. Scientists have coined it “enclothed cognition”. Not yet convinced?

    Why Buy Gym Clothes That Make You Feel Confident

    1. Improved Performance

    Have you ever heard the phrase “dress for success”? That works for the gym too. You could choose to wear that old boxy t-shirt or pant to the gym and have mediocre results or you can significantly improve your performance at the gym by buying high-quality gym clothes with intelligent fabrics. 

    These clothes provide both functional- allows you to comfortably carry out a wide range of intense workouts- and mental benefits- if you feel comfortable in the outfit you are wearing and believe it will help you perform better, you actually will. Works like the placebo effect of drugs.

    1. Motivation and Consistency

    Remember those days when you woke up from bed believing you could conquer the world? Bet you had enough motivation to hit all your gym goals that day and even do more. The problem is that the next day you woke up with the opposite feeling, and like Bruno Mars, you said to yourself, “Today I don’t feel like doing anything, I just wanna lay in my bed”. Result: that day you didn’t even go to the gym.

    But you know you won’t get that shape if this keeps happening. You know you need more consistency. What if you could feel like you can conquer the world, or at least the gym, more consistently? How? Buy gym clothes that make you feel confident! That's how you feel like a million bucks every day in the gym.

    Luckily for you, Shape Brazil can meet all your gym’s sartorial needs. Buy gym clothes from us and start smashing all your targets. Get in touch with us for more information.

    How to Style Sexy Gym Clothes for Women

    How to Style Sexy Gym Clothes for Women

    Sexy gym clothes are absolutely gorgeous and flattering on the body. A lot of women like being feminine & cute even being in the gym. And that's okay. But the question is: how do you style sexy gym clothes?
    It can be difficult to make gym clothes sexy. So, the only way to go is to shop and buy from a brand that has ready-made sexy gym clothes. Thank the heavens for us, Shape Brazil!
    Our women's activewear collection is sexy gym clothes. The cut, design, and detail of the tights, shorts and sports bras accentuate the female body and exudes femininity. 
    Sports bras
    Our sports bras come in different styles: thin straps, broad straps, cap sleeve, racerback, long sleeve, round neck, etc. They come in different combinations of styles, colors, and patterns. You will find a bra you love. Our sports bras give you:
    cool style, maximum support, comfortable wear & breathable fabric.

    All our tights are high waisted which is the most flattering on all body types. They are very comfy and quite frankly, you could wear them all day long! If you're a tall woman (above 5'7"), don't worry, the hem on the tights/leggings will reach your ankles. No tall girl problems here! We take good take of you.


    During the heat or if you're going running or jogging, you might be in the mood for a pair of shorts instead of tights. We have given you options for a cute pair of shorts. These sexy gym clothes will have you feeling cute while doing those deadlifts and squats in the gym. 
    Shape Brazil is the best women's activewear brand that gives you sexy gym clothes at a very reasonable price. Browse our extensive collection of sexy gym clothes. Follow us on our socials and drop us a comment. 

    The Best Women's Activewear Brand

    Women's activewear brand

    Women's Activewear is a niche market that still has a lot of room for everyone! No more boring, itchy, unbreathable, uncomfortable tights and cheap sports bras that do not last long. Shape Brazil is the best in the business, offering you high-quality, affordable women's activewear that is comfortable, breathable that you can wear as fashion pieces.

    Why is Shape Brazil the best?

    A lot of women's activewear brands do not take into account that, not every woman is beginning their fitness journey at the exact same point. This leads them to make very generic activewear. This alienates the majority of women who come in different shapes. For us, we want every active woman who wears our activewear to feel appreciated, heard and most importantly, seen. All our women's activewear leggings are high waisted. Any pair of high-waisted leggings or pants cinch the waist, support the lower back and make for day-long comfortable wear.

    The sports bras in our entire collection give you all the support you need. We know that a lot of women are forced to work out in their day bra because they didn't have access to high-quality sports bras that came in their size. Yay, no more! Our women's activewear sports bras are engineered to go underneath the arms and come up a little close to the shoulder to give you the right amount of support. This prevents chest and back pain while working out, running, jogging, etc.

    You will no longer have to pause your workout or have your confidence shaken because the bra is not staying put. Once you put on a Shape Brazil sports bra, your fitness experience will become upgraded and a lot of fun!

    Shape Brazil offers women's activewear in different styles, colours, and patterns. You are guaranteed to find a set you like and wear with pride.

    Continue to browse and shop with us. And also, drop us a comment!