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    Tummy Control Sports Leggings: Why You Must Own a Pair

    Tummy Control Sports Leggings: Why You Must Own a Pair

    Tummy control sports leggings are the only pair of leggings you'll need when active; whether you're jogging through the park, running on the treadmill or trail, or yoga. The special fabric used is specifically engineered with materials that give support, shape and comfort to the body.

    Here are some of the benefits:

    • supports lower back
    • centers the core
    • reduces the chance of muscle cramps
    • helps tone leg muscles
    • accentuates the curves of the body
    • enhances the gluteus muscles
    • gives svelte legs
    • boosts confidence

    These are just a few of the benefits pertaining to sports as there are many! But there's one that will serve many: good for menstrual cramps. During menstruation, cramps are normal as it is the uterus's way of ridding itself of all the shed uterine lining. This causes lower back pain because of the contractions. But when you have extra support around your belly, it gives resistance to the contractions thus giving relief.

    They are breathable, comfortable, durable, and come in different styles and colours.   


    A pair of leggings will always be multi-purpose: not only as part of your activewear but also, your day-to-day wardrobe.

    Pair it with a pair of sneakers, sandals, flats or heels for a fashionable casual look. Get as colourful as you want. It is about self expression. 

    Tummy control sports leggings are high waist leggings. This means they give the body a nice silhouette. So, naturally, it'll be a great fashion item.

    (Also check out: Sculpting Gym Leggings: Why they are the Best for Women – Shape Brazil)

    At Shape Brazil, you can choose from any style of tummy control sports leggings. Visit our website to read more on our amazing athletic clothing for women and also, to shop!

    Ladies Gym Shorts: A Comfortable Option

    Ladies Gym Shorts

    Ladies gym shorts are a great option if you're looking for comfort. When working out, it is important to be comfortable 100% of the time. Or else, it could negatively affect your exercise.


    Benefits of Ladies Gym Shorts

    Sculpts the glutes. Wearing athletic or sports clothes during the different variations of workout reps also allows you to track your progress by not just what the scale says, but also, what your eyes see. What we see in the mirror greatly affects the feelings we have towards oneself. So wearing cute, fitted and comfortable clothes will be a great mood booster and encourage you to keep up the hard work!


    Perspiration. Sweating is normal during exercise; it's a sign that your body is burning calories. However, a pair of leggings may begin to feel heavy when damp with sweat. Therefore, a pair of ladies gym shorts are  just right for you! You can buy them in different styles & colours to brighten up those leg days.


    Lower back & ab support. Just because it's shorts doesn't mean it comes with any less support! It is important to always maintain good form when we're exercising. From deadlifts to a light jog, we always need some support for the lower back.

    THESE offer that!!

    And lastly…


    Fashionable. Gym clothes don't have to be bland and boring. A pop of colour always cheers people up! For this reason, you should invest in a pair of Shape Brazil shorts!


    Ladies gym shorts are great for squats, running, yoga, pilates, outdoor sports, etc. Makes you look and feel great while working out. Remember to stay updated as we continue launching activewear. Contact us for more information via social media or email.

    Gym Wear Sets for Women - The Perfect Start to Your Fitness Journey

    gym wear sets for women

    Looking and feeling good about yourself is probably one of your top goals, and that surely translates into intense workouts at the gym to improve your fitness and physical appearance. It, therefore makes sense that this journey should start with you finding the perfect gym wear sets for women. 

    Getting the perfect gym gear is all about finding the right balance, that is, finding an outfit that is stylish, comfortable and one that matches your fitness needs. And while you might have a specific gym attire preference, considering the above features certainly disqualifies the following outfits from your workout wardrobe:

    1. Your favourite cotton T-shirt

    While cotton might seem to be the perfect fabric for your gym wear sets for women, partly due to the fact that it is really comfortable, it is actually your worse enemy in the gym. Why? Because it is only comfortable until you start sweating, as it quickly absorbs the sweat from your body but also takes forever to dry off. The perfect alternative is a matching set of gym wear made from Supplex due to its excellent wicking properties.

    1. Regular bras

    Just in case you don’t already know this, it is NOT okay for you to work out in your regular bra. Regular bras do not provide the support you need when exercising. Wearing them at the gym when doing your workouts can, therefore, lead to both discomfort and pain. The perfect start to your fitness journey requires a properly fitting sports bra as it will provide enough support and protect the tissues in your breast from too much stress.

    1. Sandals, boots or old sneakers

    Different types of footwear are made to meet different needs. Your sandals are too slim, light and are simply not made to exercise. Putting on a pair of boot is also a bad idea, as they are too heavy, thick and unsupportive. How about an old pair of sneakers? They must be avoided as well as their soles and arch supports are already worn out, and could cause injuries during your workout. It is really important for you to buy an appropriate pair of trainers for your workouts.

    Investing in the right gym wear sets for women is the first step to undertake in your fitness journey. Let Shape Brazil help you get this right. Contact us for more information.

    Our Collaboration With Emma Hyndman – the Posing Pro

    female activewear

    At Shape Brazil, we are always looking to create valuable partnerships with individuals and brands whose work and values mirror our own. This is why we are excited to tell you about our partnership with Emma Hyndman, IFBB Figure Pro and the founder of the Posing Pro.

    A bit about Emma

    Emma started off as a professional dancer, and worked in this field for 10 years. She gained her professional dance training first from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, and then decided to take on the world, moving to New York to further her craft.

    It was while in New York the Emma took further training with the Hip Hop Dance Conservatory, a period that Emma has described as being a defining moment in her career.

    Upon her return to the UK, she continued to dance, but also began to expand into other pursuits such as personal training and eventually, posing coaching. Amazingly, Emma is entirely self-taught in posing, which makes her status as the UK’s number-one female posing coach, truly noteworthy.

    Today, Emma spends most of her time training amateur and professional bodybuilding athletes in the crucial discipline of posing from her platform, The Posing Pro.

    Why do we love Emma?

    At Shape we are driven by values. These values include Sincerity, Vitality, Responsibility and Generosity, and when we find female influencers that share these values, we are always delighted to collaborate.

    We also feel a deep connection with the work that Emma does with Female Force, a charity she has founded for disadvantaged women, particularly victims of domestic abuse. This is an all-too-common problem and we are delighted to be able to support Emma in shinning a spotlight on the problems, and in helping affected women.

    Learn more about Emma

    To learn more about Emma, or connect with her to enquire about receiving training, please visit her  website or follow her on Instagram or Facebook.

    Trendy Gym Clothes - How Fashion Affects Fitness

    Trendy Gym Clothes

    Change is a constant, inevitable and powerful force that affects everything. As you have probably noticed, the clothing industry also happens to be under the influence of this powerful force, though it operates under a different name- fashion trends. Fashion trends have a significant effect on our society, and it is becoming increasingly relevant in fitness. But, can trendy gym clothes actually help improve your fitness? Absolutely! Keep reading to know how they can help you achieve your fitness goals:

    1. Motivation and confidence

    An outfit is said to be trending when it is a popular choice at a given time. In most cases, that happens because it is attractive/cute and lots of people like it. But, how is wearing something you like going to help you achieve your fitness goals? Well…bet you don’t really feel like going to the gym when you wear that old baggy t-shirt, do you? Putting on gym clothes you like give you the motivation and confidence to do your workouts.

    It is important to note that fashion trends are not just about the looks. As time goes by and newer technologies are developed, the functionality of various clothes are also improved, and that is holds true for Shape Brazil’s trendy gym clothes.

    2. High performance

    Different outfits are made for specific purposes. It won’t really make sense for you to put on jean pants in a gym because it will impede your range of motion. Shape Brazil’s trendy gym outfits are made using high-quality fabrics that are durable and allow a wide range of motion so as to improve your performance during your workouts.

    3. Comfort

    Being comfortable in your gym outfit is a must. They shouldn’t be too tight or too baggy. They need to fit perfectly and have good wicking properties so as to prevent discomfort when you are sweating.

    Shape Brazil's trendy gym clothes are what you need to achieve your fitness goals. Why? Because we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our previous products both aesthetically and functionally, that is what fashion trends mean for us. Get in touch with us for more information.