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    Black Gym Leggings- The Best Workout Gear for Women

    black gym leggings

    Sometimes, achieving your fitness goals might seem farfetched and this can take a toll on your motivation. There are a number of culprits that could be responsible for this, but one of the most common is donning the wrong workout gear. Having the right gym attire is more important than you might think, and it certainly has a huge role to play on your confidence and motivation. Because, in the end, who better to motivate you than the person staring back at you in the mirror looking awesome with some stylish black gym leggings?

    And in case you are wondering, “Why black?” Well…put simply, you can never really go out of style with black gym leggings because they are classic, universal, elegant, and they match everything. But enough with fashion!

    Why Shape Brazil’s Black Gym Leggings Should be Your Default Workout Gear

    1. They fit like a glove

    You can’t really settle for anything less than the right fit when it comes to your gym wear. Putting on leggings that are too tight or too baggy will impede your range of motion during the workout. Your black gym leggings need to fit perfectly.

    1. They are sweat-free

    Remember those days when your motivation was at its peak and you felt like working out the whole day? Bet you couldn’t handle 30 minutes of HIIT workout because your workout attire was completely soaked with sweat. Shape Brazil’s black gym leggings are made with a fabric, Supplex, which has excellent wicking properties. They will dry up as fast as they absorb the sweat.

    1. They feel like your second skin

    Comfort is another important feature to consider. The more comfortable your black gym leggings are, the more likely you will want to stick to your workout and vice versa. Cotton had been the predominant fabric for anything comfort-related, until Supplex came in with an equal level of comfort with breath-ability and flexibility features as a bonus.

    You can always trust Shape Brazil will prioritise your gym outfit needs. Get in touch with us for more information or visit our shop and start hitting your fitness goals.

    How to Choose the Best Women’s Workout Clothes

    Womens Workout Clothes

    Finding the best women’s workout clothing can be complex. You need to feel comfortable, but you also want to look sexy. This rules out a baggy t-shirt and sweatpants. Fortunately, more sports brands are learning how to accommodate women’s needs by creating better-fitting sportswear.

    Your choice of women’s workout clothes can affect your performance

    It is true! The old saying “dress for success” is more than just a motivational sound bite. Studies have confirmed that the way we dress affects the way we feel about ourselves, and can either motivate or demotivate.

    The best choice of workout clothing should, therefore, be guided by these three main factors:


    1. Comfort

    If you aren’t comfortable in your clothing, you’re not likely to stick to your workouts for very long. And clearly, you won’t make any significant gains in this way. Cotton t-shirts are comfortable enough but do you really want to sacrifice your sex-appeal?

    What if you could have both? Supplex fabrics are specially designed to provide the same level of comfort as cotton does, with the breath-ability and flexibility of spandex. As a minimum requirement, you should only choose workout clothing made from Supplex fabrics, for the best look and feel.


    2. Performance

    Ever wondered why professional athletes wear tights under their apparel? This is to improve blood flow and provide support to muscles while in action. Workout clothing from Shape Brazil are made from Supplex, and provide these exceptional benefits and more.


    3. Aesthetic Appeal

    Workout clothing should enhance your natural curves, to show you what the possibilities are. Not only does Supplex fabric wrap around your hips like a second skin, but it also comes in a creative combination of colours that really allow you to play to your taste and preferences.  

    Why Choose Women’s Workout Clothes from Shape Brazil?

    Our workout clothing is specially designed to provide comfort, high performance, and aesthetic appeal. Ready to take your workout game to the next level? Visit our shop now, to have a look at our exciting workout wear for women.

    Cute Workout Clothes - Can they Really Make a Difference?

    Cute Workout Clothes - Can they Really Make a Difference?

    “How I wish I could have enough motivation to go to the gym consistently”, “I was not able to stick to my fitness resolutions last year, what can I do to improve that this year?” If you have been wondering how you will get enough motivation to hit your workout goals this year, then you are at the right place. But, will cute workout clothes really make a difference? The simple answer is yes! Sometimes, all you need is a simple hack to get great results.

    How Cute Workout Clothes Will Make Your Workout Better

    1. Brain boost

    How did you feel the last time you wore a cute outfit you really liked? Bet your reflection in the mirror gave you enough motivation to hit your goals. Experts call this experience “enclothed cognition”, and that’s the sort of positive mental shift cute workout clothes will bring. Donning a pair of cute Sao Paulo Striped Leggings, for example, will make you feel more stylish and cuter, thereby providing the mental boost you need for a successful workout.

    2. Confidence

    Have you ever noticed that you feel more confident when you put on some particular outfits? Maybe because of the colour, the fit or the design. Noticed how that self-confidence reflect on the activities you carry out that day? The good news is that you can use this mental hack for your fitness as well. You just need some cute workout clothes with the right fit, and the colour you love.

    Shape Brazil - Functional and Cute Workout Clothes

    Now that we have ticked the aesthetic box and know how it can improve your workout, it is equally important to get an outfit that is functional, that is, support the type of exercise you are doing.

    1. Comfortable and durable

    You will definitely be doing a wide range of movements during your workouts. For this to be achieved effortlessly, your workout clothes need to be comfortable and durable. This is what you get from Shape Brazil as our fitness clothes are manufactured with Supplex.

    2. Wicking

    Sweating is sometimes unavoidable when working out. It can become difficult to exercise properly when your outfit is soaked. This is where our cute workout clothes made with Supplex come in, as they have good wicking properties. They will absorb the sweat from your body and also dry up quickly.

    Buying cute workout clothes which are also functional will definitely make a huge difference. Shape Brazil’s gym wear ticks all the boxes. Contact us and start smashing your gym goals.

    Benefits of Wearing Women’s Gym Leggings

    Women’s Gym Leggings

    Women’s gym leggings can make or break your gym outfit. Why? Because the right pair of leggings act as your assistant on those challenging leg workout days.


    All of our leggings are constructed to give support, comfort, and style for all our customers. The collection of leggings showcases durability and quality designs that will last a very long time. When it comes to benefits, there are a few:


    It has been shown that it is best to wear leggings to the gym as it not only helps to keep your joints in place but also, it increases blood flow to those big muscle groups which prevent injuries.


    Whether you’re working out to lose weight or tone up, wearing leggings make it easier to track your progress as you become stronger and more fit.


    Another major benefit is that gym leggings are great for keeping your body temperature regulated as you work out. You won't get overheated during your workout!


    Also, wearing a pair of leggings also flatters the body by giving a smooth silhouette. 


    How to Style Women’s Gym Leggings

    Gym leggings can be worn casually as well. Women’s gym leggings are a very simple piece of clothing that can be dressed up or down. They can be worn with an oversized tee, a crop top, or a nice blouse paired with flats, sneakers or a pair of heels. And those chilly days, simply throw on a hoodie or a nice sweater.


    Women’s gym leggings are the “it” item of 2020 as you continue those not-so-easy but necessary leg days. Shape Brazil offers you all the gym leggings you will ever want or need. Choose from the various designs and colours. Check out our range!

    Our Collaboration With The Gym Group

    Our Collaboration With The Gym Group

    We at Shape Brazil are very proud to finally announce our collaboration with The Gym Group!


    The Gym Group was created by the retired English squash player, John Treharne, as he wanted to better improve the physical health of those living all across the United Kingdom. The Gym Group makes exercising and working out in a gym so much more comfortable and friendly as it is very inclusive of everyone, regardless of your starting point.


    As a women’s athletic brand, collaborating with a gym company gives us the opportunity to broaden our clientele making your online shopping experience fun and easy! Our brand is known for high-quality ladies’ sportswear that isn’t only affordable but also, super duper comfortable!


    From shorts, jumpsuits, sports bra-tops, leggings, etc., the line has a variety of different styles and colours of these items.


    Collaboration: Shape Brazil & The Gym Group

    Now, you’re probably wondering what the collaboration is about?


    Well, for all you online shopping on our website, you will get a 20% discount!  This discount is for Gym Group clients only. There will be an event held on Monday 24th February, next week. This will go on once a month, every month. 


    Shopping with Shape Brazil means that you get to indulge in very cute and feminine women’s workout clothes. The clothes are very feminine and accentuate the curves of the female body--it oozes femininity. You don’t have to wear those uncomfortable bra tops that dig into your skin throughout your workout which continuously interrupts you or those leggings that pinch the skin.


    Shape Brazil keeps you comfy and cute while working out!


    Take the first step towards getting a healthier body with the Gym Group while maintaining your fashion sense while doing it.