Gym Clothes for Women: What You’ll Need for Workouts


Gym clothes for women are very important because women have more gym clothing needs than men. There are a few things to think about: spillage, support without being constricting, fit over hips snugly, etc.


There are different styles of sports bras, tops, t-shirts, tights, etc., out there. The key is to buy gym clothes that will transition flawlessly throughout the different seasons of the year.


For instance, the Para Set is great for those hot summer days: shorts & a bra top. But if you’re arms are feeling chilly, you can switch out the bra top for the Lisboa Long Sleeve Sports Bra for more coverage. One of our jumpsuits is also a great substitute.


Gym clothes for women must include jumpers as well! Jumpers keep you warm after working especially if you use the gym shower.


Why does Shape Brazil Stand Out

Shape Brazil provides gym clothes for women that are comfortable, durable, breathable and of course, high quality. All of our clothes were engineered to fit the female body in such a way that it is both flattering and practical for the gym and other workouts.


Enjoy browsing our website and feel free to contact us for more information.

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