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Gym Wear Sets for Women – The Perfect Start to Your Fitness Journey

Looking and feeling good about yourself is probably one of your top goals, and that surely translates into intense workouts at the gym to improve your fitness and physical appearance. It, therefore makes sense that this journey should start with you finding the perfect gym wear sets for women.

Getting the perfect gym gear is all about finding the right balance, that is, finding an outfit that is stylish, comfortable and one that matches your fitness needs. And while you might have a specific gym attire preference, considering the above features certainly disqualifies the following outfits from your workout wardrobe:

  1. Your favourite cotton T-shirt

While cotton might seem to be the perfect fabric for your gym wear sets for women, partly due to the fact that it is really comfortable, it is actually your worse enemy in the gym. Why? Because it is only comfortable until you start sweating, as it quickly absorbs the sweat from your body but also takes forever to dry off. The perfect alternative is a matching set of gym wear made from Supplex due to its excellent wicking properties.

  1. Regular bras

Just in case you don’t already know this, it is NOT okay for you to work out in your regular bra. Regular bras do not provide the support you need when exercising. Wearing them at the gym when doing your workouts can, therefore, lead to both discomfort and pain. The perfect start to your fitness journey requires a properly fitting sports bra as it will provide enough support and protect the tissues in your breast from too much stress.

  1. Sandals, boots or old sneakers

Different types of footwear are made to meet different needs. Your sandals are too slim, light and are simply not made to exercise. Putting on a pair of boot is also a bad idea, as they are too heavy, thick and unsupportive. How about an old pair of sneakers? They must be avoided as well as their soles and arch supports are already worn out, and could cause injuries during your workout. It is really important for you to buy an appropriate pair of trainers for your workouts.

Investing in the right gym wear sets for women is the first step to undertake in your fitness journey. Let Shape Brazil help you get this right. Contact us for more information.

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