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How to Choose the Best Women’s Workout Clothes

Finding the best women’s workout clothing can be complex. You need to feel comfortable, but you also want to look sexy. This rules out a baggy t-shirt and sweatpants. Fortunately, more sports brands are learning how to accommodate women’s needs by creating better-fitting sportswear.

Your choice of women’s workout clothes can affect your performance

It is true! The old saying “dress for success” is more than just a motivational sound bite. Studies have confirmed that the way we dress affects the way we feel about ourselves, and can either motivate or demotivate.

The best choice of workout clothing should, therefore, be guided by these three main factors:

1. Comfort

If you aren’t comfortable in your clothing, you’re not likely to stick to your workouts for very long. And clearly, you won’t make any significant gains in this way. Cotton t-shirts are comfortable enough but do you really want to sacrifice your sex-appeal?

What if you could have both? Supplex fabrics are specially designed to provide the same level of comfort as cotton does, with the breath-ability and flexibility of spandex. As a minimum requirement, you should only choose workout clothing made from Supplex fabrics, for the best look and feel.


2. Performance

Ever wondered why professional athletes wear tights under their apparel? This is to improve blood flow and provide support to muscles while in action. Workout clothing from Shape Brazil are made from Supplex, and provide these exceptional benefits and more.


3. Aesthetic Appeal

Workout clothing should enhance your natural curves, to show you what the possibilities are. Not only does Supplex fabric wrap around your hips like a second skin, but it also comes in a creative combination of colours that really allow you to play to your taste and preferences.  

Why Choose Women’s Workout Clothes from Shape Brazil?

Our workout clothing is specially designed to provide comfort, high performance, and aesthetic appeal. Ready to take your workout game to the next level? Visit our shop now, to have a look at our exciting workout wear for women.

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