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Interview with Shape Brazil Owner: Fernanda Wain

Strong, sexy, independent, successful, and driven. These are all adjectives which accurately describe ShapeBrazil CEO, Fernanda Wain. We were able to grab Fernanda from her busy day and ask her a few questions that we (employees at ShapeBrazil) and our social media followers have always wanted to ask.

Tell us about why you decided to create ShapeBrazil? 

ShapeBrazil was born from my desire to get in shape, lose some weight, and to look as beautiful on the outside as I felt on the inside. I was working out during a vacation in Brazil (I know… working out during a vacation!) and absolutely FELL IN LOVE with the workout clothes I saw there. They were stunning! The colours, the patterns, how they fit. I became obsessed. The problem was that I couldn’t find a place, outside of Brazil, to purchase these workout clothes. So I decided to make high quality, sexy, and fun workout clothes available to everyone – straight from Brazil!

What’s a typical day like for you at ShapeBrazil?

I don’t know what a typical day is, haha! My day starts early – checking emails and voicemails. I normally get to the ShapeBrazil studio around 9 am and make sure everything is under control, then head out for a quick workout session. I am a very firm believer in working out your body as much as you work out your brain during a busy business day. I’m back in the office around 11 am, energized and ready to tackle projects and meetings.

What do you love most about your job?

I truly am most fulfilled when I see customers truly enjoying my clothing. There’s no greater feeling than seeing a woman purchasing a workout outfit and sharing it with to our social media and seeing how good they look and feel in their clothes. It’s moments like these that keep me inspired and energized. I know the effect the perfect workout outfit can have on a woman (I have those moments all of the time) and when I’m able to see customers experience the same feeling and emotions…. that means everything to me.

Being so busy managing your business, how do you stay active?

I make being active a lifestyle, not a chore. Regardless of how I’m feeling, how tired I am, how much work there is to do, I will always take time to get in a workout. Usually, during the week I go to the gym in Peterborough, near ShapeBrazil’s studio. On the weekend I look forward to a fun run with my son. It’s easy to work out, regardless of how busy you are, when you make conscious decision to make being active a priority and turning it into a lifestyle.

What makes ShapeBrazil’s products unique?

Three words: Authentic. Quality. Sexy. Our entire line is both manufactured and designed in Brazil and really showcases the culture and takes a lot of inspiration from the tropical climate from Brazil. I made an important decision for my products to not only be sexy but to really flatter and highlight the beautiful curves of every woman, regardless of size or shape. Our products are sexy, and absolutely make you feel that way, but they are also classy and not inappropriate.

Why do you think it’s important for women to look and feel sexy?

Every woman loves to look and feel sexy – it’s completely natural and normal, and ShapeBrazil only helps to bring out those feelings and that confidence! Sometimes all it takes to kickstart these amazing feelings (that every woman should experience) is the perfect outfit. A perfect outfit can really help to inspire someone to go to the gym and to live an active and healthy lifestyle!

What are some tips you can share about looking and feeling sexy when you’re tired or just don’t have any energy?

I’m looking for the same information! Haha, just kidding! I think it’s so important for every woman to feel confident with themselves and to love themselves. Take a look in the mirror and make sure that you love the person looking back at you! Some things you can do, that I do all the time, is to make sure to eat healthy, drink plenty of water (super important!), and to try and be as active as you can – even if it’s just a brisk walk at night to get you started. Oh, and most important – be happy!

What’s your favourite workout and favourite healthy meal to make at home?

I love any exercise that works out my legs and butt – especially squats! I love squats, not only because they’ll make anyone’s backside look amazing, but because they’re the most challenging exercise. At home, I make sure to keep things as healthy as I can. It’s important to feed your body with natural and good-for-you food. One of my favourite meals to prepare at home is Tilapia with lots and lots of veggies. It’s a great low fat, protein-packed meal that keeps me full.

What’s next for ShapeBrazil? Are you working on anything exciting for 2018?

We have some amazing and exciting things planned for 2018! This includes new lines of workout clothes, amazing sales (make sure you subscribe to the email list to get notified of our sales), and some fun on our social media accounts. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for some really fun and awesome videos that we’re working on!

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