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Ladies Gym Wear – What You Should Not Wear to the Gym

The 2020 train has already left the station with lots of passengers who have made a number of resolutions they wish to accomplish before the final stop. If one of such resolutions is improving your fitness by making the most of your gym membership then we have some tips about ladies gym wear that will certainly help.  

Bet you have heard the phrase “dress for success” countless times. But that does not only apply for your work wear, as your gym wear also has a significant impact on your performance. So, which ladies gym wear should you go for? A good approach would be to know what you should remove from your workout wardrobe. 

  1. 100% cotton clothes

Comfort should be one of your priorities when choosing your ladies gym wear. You might be wondering, “is cotton not a comfortable fabric?” Well…it is, that’s until it becomes like a wet towel a few minutes after your workout. This does not just become uncomfortable, but it could also become a breeding ground for microbes. Opt for gym outfits that are made of Supplex as they are comfortable, resistant and breathable. 

  1. Jewellery

Make sure you remove all the jewellery on your body before you start your workouts. Jewellery can become really uncomfortable as it can impede your range of motion. Bet you wouldn’t want to grind your expensive chain or bracelet against a machine’s moving parts. 

  1. Baggy or too-tight clothes

Comfort cannot be over-emphasized when it comes to your gym outfits. This, however, does not mean you should go for super baggy outfits. What could possibly go wrong? You could trip on them and fall, a piece of the outfit could get caught up while you are using a machine and it could be really annoying if you have to constantly adjust them. You should also avoid outfits that are too tight and don’t stretch enough. These outfits can cause pain by increasing pressure on some parts of the body as well as altering your blood flow during the workouts. 

Have you been looking for ladies gym wear that are stylish, beautiful, fashionable, and at the same time, comfortable and breathable? Then you need to try Shape Brazil’s gym outfits. Get in touch with us for more information. 

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