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Our Collaboration With Emma Hyndman – the Posing Pro

At Shape Brazil, we are always looking to create valuable partnerships with individuals and brands whose work and values mirror our own. This is why we are excited to tell you about our partnership with Emma Hyndman, IFBB Figure Pro and the founder of the Posing Pro.

A bit about Emma

Emma started off as a professional dancer, and worked in this field for 10 years. She gained her professional dance training first from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, and then decided to take on the world, moving to New York to further her craft.

It was while in New York the Emma took further training with the Hip Hop Dance Conservatory, a period that Emma has described as being a defining moment in her career.

Upon her return to the UK, she continued to dance, but also began to expand into other pursuits such as personal training and eventually, posing coaching. Amazingly, Emma is entirely self-taught in posing, which makes her status as the UK’s number-one female posing coach, truly noteworthy.

Today, Emma spends most of her time training amateur and professional bodybuilding athletes in the crucial discipline of posing from her platform, The Posing Pro.

Why do we love Emma?

At Shape we are driven by values. These values include Sincerity, Vitality, Responsibility and Generosity, and when we find female influencers that share these values, we are always delighted to collaborate.

We also feel a deep connection with the work that Emma does with Female Force, a charity she has founded for disadvantaged women, particularly victims of domestic abuse. This is an all-too-common problem and we are delighted to be able to support Emma in shinning a spotlight on the problems, and in helping affected women.

Learn more about Emma

To learn more about Emma, or connect with her to enquire about receiving training, please visit her  website or follow her on Instagram or Facebook.

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