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Our Collaboration With The Gym Group

We at Shape Brazil are very proud to finally announce our collaboration with The Gym Group!


The Gym Group was created by the retired English squash player, John Treharne, as he wanted to better improve the physical health of those living all across the United Kingdom. The Gym Group makes exercising and working out in a gym so much more comfortable and friendly as it is very inclusive of everyone, regardless of your starting point.

As a women’s athletic brand, collaborating with a gym company gives us the opportunity to broaden our clientele making your online shopping experience fun and easy! Our brand is known for high-quality ladies’ sportswear that isn’t only affordable but also, super duper comfortable!

From shorts, jumpsuits, sports bra-tops, leggings, etc., the line has a variety of different styles and colours of these items.


Collaboration: Shape Brazil & The Gym Group

Now, you’re probably wondering what the collaboration is about?


Well, for all you online shopping on our website, you will get a 20% discount!  This discount is for Gym Group clients only. There will be an event held on Monday 24th February, next week. This will go on once a month, every month. 

Shopping with Shape Brazil means that you get to indulge in very cute and feminine women’s workout clothes. The clothes are very feminine and accentuate the curves of the female body–it oozes femininity. You don’t have to wear those uncomfortable bra tops that dig into your skin throughout your workout which continuously interrupts you or those leggings that pinch the skin.


Shape Brazil keeps you comfy and cute while working out!


Take the first step towards getting a healthier body with the Gym Group while maintaining your fashion sense while doing it.

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