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      Shape Brazil is not just a brand
      It's a dress style;

    Hello, I'm Fernanda Wain.I am the founder of the SHAPE BRAZIL brand.

    I am 36 years old and  have lived in Cambridge  for more than 10 years.

    Shape Brazil was born from the need to buy fitness clothes with style, comfort and

    above all where it can enhance the body and beauty of women. I started this

    fitness world in 2015 because I was a little overweight. I then  started to train and

    soon the results started to appear. So I started looking for fitness clothes but

    unfortunately I could not find what I really wanted. It was then, when I went to

    Brazil on vacation and went to the gym to train that I saw many of the girls training

    had super fashion style and looking beautiful.

    So I bought clothes in Brazil and brought back to England but only for my use.

    It was then that all the girls in the gym started asking me where I bought them.

    So it was then that I realized that the Brazilian clothing is super, different and sexy

    and at the same time great fashion in this world of fitness.

    From this idea SHAPE BRAZIL was born, where offers excellent quality,distinctive

    and exclusive design. Developed by the best designers in Brazil and Bringing all  

    the sensuality of Brazilian women now available for all women. 

    SHAPE BRAZIL does not only offer gym clothes  but  a distinctive style of its own,

    seeking to enhance the beauty of all women, so that every woman feels UNIQUE

    and SEXY.





    Sincerity, Vitality, Responsibility and Generosity. I share in each one of our 4 values. They are lived out every day in the heart of Shape Brazil brand.

    They Shape Brazil TEAM  are enthusiastic, with a passion for innovation and a love for creativity.

    They strive relentlessly for progress and evolution.

    Like all sportspeople, they love action.


    We are transparent in our actions, amongst ourselves, with our customers, and with our suppliers. We aim for coherence between what we say and what we do.