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The Top Women’s Activewear Trends of 2020 – Black High Waisted Leggings are a Favourite!

Fashion trends constantly evolve, and in the world of activewear, this is particularly true. Thanks to scientific advances, we’re always discovering newer and better ways of creating activewear that helps women to get into great shape. If you are looking to power up your exercise sessions, here some of the latest trends to jump on immediately–hint: black high-waisted leggings are a big one! 


1. High-Waisted Gym Shorts 

If you want to show off that booty and those legs you have been working on for months, gym shorts are a great option. As compared to leggings and other long outfits, they cling to less of your skin, which can improve comfort, especially on warm days. What’s more, they can provide you with just as much lower back support. Shop for great gym shorts from Shape Brazil 


2. Jumpsuits 

Jumpsuits are a popular trend in 2020 sports fashion – and for good reason! Very few outfits can accentuate the curves of a woman’s body the way jumpsuits can. And, compared to most other outfits, gym jumpsuits provide you with much more support. They are also a great option for the chillier months.  


Many women are scared to try jumpsuits mostly because they feel like they would be unflattering. But, looking good in a jumpsuit is all about finding the right fit and design. At Shape Brazil, we offer a wide range of sizes and a wide variety of jumpsuit designs you can choose from.  

3. High Waisted Leggings 

At Shape Brazil, we’re seeing a recent upturn in the demand for black high-waisted leggings. While regular leggings are a great exercise option, high waisted leggings are even better (and black appears to be a popular colour!). They provide your lower back with support which improves your posture, provide compression, and improve blood circulation.


Staying In Vogue With Shape Brazil Gym Wear 

At Shape Brazil, we understand that change is constant and we are always looking for new methods to improve our outfits. We try our best to keep them trendy whilst ensuring that features such as comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal – which will never go out of fashion – are always the basis of our gym wears. If you would like to ask any questions, we would love to hear from you right away! 

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