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Top 5 Best Sexy Active Wear Outfits – Look as Sexy as You Feel

Gone are the days where women have to decide between wearing gym clothes that make exercising easier or a cute sexy gym wear outfit that makes things like running or squatting comfortable. ShapeBrazil offers the best of both worlds – sexy gym wear which is perfect for a hardcore workout session or running errands like groceries and picking up the kids from school.

Here are the top 5 Bra tops and Gym clothes that can be combined to make a gorgeous and sexy outfit that’s perfect for the entire day. Remember that it’s important to look as sexy on the outside as you feel on the inside.

  • Let’s start out with the Forever Young Tank Bra Top. This tank top is made from Viscose and Elastane, which make it incredibly comfortable and super breathable. Its loose-fitting style and shoulder cutouts make this a super sexy activewear top perfect for any workout. The way this tank sits across your shoulders and its length really make it super slimming and flattering for any body type. Throw this cute top over your favourite sports bra and matched with a black legging, you’ve instantly got an outfit that can take you from spinning session to nail salon without having to worry about changing. 
  • What’s a top without a sexy pair of leggings? Check out one of our most popular leggings – the Black Leggings and Line Shoes pair. These leggings are made from Polyamide and Elastane, which makes this pair of leggings comfortable to wear and shaping. Isn’t that the ultimate goal of a sexy activewear bottoms? These leggings are very flattering across the thighs and calves and help tighten up your backside for that toned and slimming look we’re all looking for. 
  • What if it’s too hot for leggings? We’ve got you covered! These Basic Shorts Graffiti are cute, comfortable, and make a statement! If you’re looking for shorts that contour your body these are the perfect pair. The materials are super durable and long-lasting and can take whatever you throw at them. But that’s not all! These shorts instantly tone up your butt and upper thighs and accentuate your natural curves. 
  • Nothing will make you feel sexier than a perfectly fitting bra top. Our best-selling bra top, the Bra Top Montpellier, strikes the perfect balance between sexy activewear and a sports bra to be worn underneath a tank top for when you’re looking for something casual and comfortable (yet surprisingly sexy underneath). This bra top features an open back design and a silk rubberized front that provides maximum support when you need it. The light neon pink colour is perfectly contrasted with the black handles and bar straps. 
  • Looking for an all-in-one sexy activewear piece? You MUST check out our Black Up Jumpsuit. This piece features amazing support in the places you need it most, screen cutouts with unmatched UV protection, and our unique Poa print which is super flattering. This jumpsuit is a favourite and with great reason. Offering tremendous support for your bust, butt, and calves, this jumpsuit will help give you instant tone and firmness. The plunging neckline accentuates your natural curves but also makes it incredibly comfortable for any type of workout. 


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