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Tummy Control Sports Leggings: Why You Must Own a Pair

Tummy control sports leggings are the only pair of leggings you’ll need when active; whether you’re jogging through the park, running on the treadmill or trail, or yoga. The special fabric used is specifically engineered with materials that give support, shape and comfort to the body.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • supports lower back
  • centers the core
  • reduces the chance of muscle cramps
  • helps tone leg muscles
  • accentuates the curves of the body
  • enhances the gluteus muscles
  • gives svelte legs
  • boosts confidence

These are just a few of the benefits pertaining to sports as there are many! But there’s one that will serve many: good for menstrual cramps. During menstruation, cramps are normal as it is the uterus’s way of ridding itself of all the shed uterine lining. This causes lower back pain because of the contractions. But when you have extra support around your belly, it gives resistance to the contractions thus giving relief.

They are breathable, comfortable, durable, and come in different styles and colours.   


A pair of leggings will always be multi-purpose: not only as part of your activewear but also, your day-to-day wardrobe.

Pair it with a pair of sneakers, sandals, flats or heels for a fashionable casual look. Get as colourful as you want. It is about self expression. 

Tummy control sports leggings are high waist leggings. This means they give the body a nice silhouette. So, naturally, it’ll be a great fashion item.

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At Shape Brazil, you can choose from any style of tummy control sports leggings. Visit our website to read more on our amazing athletic clothing for women and also, to shop!

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